mei 16, 2024

Genres: Hip Hop, Underground House Music, Garage, Baile Funk…


CHICAGO Is a born and raised Antwerp DJ with Malian, Congolese, and Belgian roots and has taken the DJ scene by storm. Starting his journey behind the decks just five years ago, DJ Chicago seized the opportunity to upgrade his skills and level during the challenging times of the global Corona pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

In a remarkably short period, he has become the talk of the city, gaining recognition for his exceptional mixes and electrifying performances. His exceptional talent caught the attention of renowned rapper RAMZI, who handpicked Chicago to be his personal DJ, showcasing his versatility and ability to set the perfect atmosphere for any crowd.

Chicago’s rise to prominence didn’t stop there. He caught the eye of leading eclectic club concepts such as Kofiipauze, Frontal, Mom etc who eagerly sought out his distinctive sound to amplify their events. Additionally, his standout debut at Club Suave secured him a residency, solidifying his place among the elite DJs in the BENELUX.

Music runs deep in Chicago’s DNA, tracing back to his early childhood. His father owned one of the most renowned funk and live music venues in town, where he spent countless days and nights, falling asleep on the couch while being entranced by the soulful sounds of rare funk and disco. These formative experiences left an indelible mark on his musical journey, serving as an imprint that fuels his unique and eclectic style.

With a strong passion for Hip Hop and Underground House Music, DJ Chicago immersed himself in many genre alongside his friends, some of whom were already established DJs. Exchanging music and immersing himself in the artform, he fell head over heels in love with the craft, determined to pursue his dream of becoming a DJ.

Chicago’s talent, dedication, and commitment to his craft continue to propel him to new heights within the nightlife scene. As his infectious energy and exceptional skills continue to captivate audiences, Chicago stands ready to leave an enduring impact on the global DJ scene, bringing his diverse cultural influences to listeners worldwide.